We Understand

Crescent Real Estate is the premier independent real estate brokerage in the Greater Philadelphia area, specializing in the Main Line and surrounding communities. Our experience, approach, knowledge, and customer focus differentiate us from the scores of real estate providers. We understand the considerable financial and emotional investment involved with every real estate transaction. We’re committed to achieving unsurpassed results while ensuring simplicity and the complete satisfaction of our customers.

Join our Team

If you’re looking for a career, not just another job, consider Crescent Real Estate. There are reasons we’re successful and will continue to flourish in the future. To learn more please fill out the information below.

Our Promise

Rather than simply stating our objective, we commit fully to our customers and uphold our promise as a guiding principle. Promises are meant to be kept. We stress accountability, civility, and integrity in all endeavors. Being passionate about our customers’ goals includes equal parts honesty, drive, knowledge, and commitment, which facilitate a fulfilled promise. To our customers, we promise:

To Provide Value and Exceed Expectations

We are engaged in a highly competitive industry. Our survival is dependent upon our ability to produce superior results and a unique customer experience. We know we’ve done a good job when a customer hires us again or refers our service.

Open, Honest Communication

The cornerstone of any meaningful relationship. We won’t withhold information whether delivering positive news or candid feedback. As your partner in real estate, we will be accessible and truthful. You’ll be the first to know!

To Serve Your Best Interests

Our allegiance is to our customers and we care for your interests first. Rest assured you will be consulted throughout the process and maintain complete control. We do what is right, not necessarily expedient.